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Strom Scherie

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My family introduced me to New York City museums on weekends when I was just a kid. We strolled their hallowed halls to appreciate art created for beauty-sake and visual art by sight. Still an undergrad, at Drexel University, my HS sweetheart proposed. Pretty soon, I was a married woman, on my way to Frankfort, Germany, and a job as Assistant to the Director of American Youth Activities. In a civilian capacity, I acquainted servicemen’s children with European culture. Free time drew me to informal study with established painters and more museums.

Becoming a Docent (teacher)

Decades later the first public museum in the United States, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, in Hartford, Connecticut, accepted me into their rigorous two-year Docent Program. The curriculum for the first year included in-depth study of Western art history, weekly instruction, in front of masterpieces, and a month to complete a twenty-five-page assignment. Finally, I shadowed and shared tours with an assigned mentor to prepare for my solo tour evaluation, before graduation.

Catalyst for Docent’s Guide

After years of touring K-13 students and giving public tours, I wanted to share the knowledge I accumulated along with educational, and entertaining hyperlinks and videos “the Web” provides. My nonprofit, free website is void of ads. I hope you find its contents useful. If you plan to be in Naples, Florida, contact me. I would look forward to meeting, at the Baker Museum. For now, it’s my pleasure to be your virtual guide. Please read the brief Terms of Use & Privacy Policy .

Thank you to

Pete Pekofsky, liaison, and his team working in the background to make DG live; Antonio Barbosa jr. Ph.D. Education Consultant; and the invaluable support of my family.